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Glass Restoration

Don’t Replace Your Glass, Restore it!

Stains, etching, mineral build-up, pitting and degradation of your glass are caused by hard water, pollutants, or runoff from mortar and concrete. These corrosions are often overlooked by other window cleaners. Even companies that provide regular glass maintenance frequently leave behind problems that can lead to costly window replacement.

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Our Glass Restoration service can remove and/or improve:

  • Staining
  • Etching
  • Mineral Build-up
  • Pitting and Degradation
  • Hard Water Stains
  • Pollutants
  • Mortar and Concrete Runoff
  • Stage One Corrosion

Proper intervention can increase the life of your windows and even restore the molecular integrity of your glass. Angel View’s portable de-ionizer, along with our restorative chemicals can reverse stage- one corrosion. Glass restoration saves you money by avoiding unnecessary glass replacement.

Trust Angel View for your glass restoration. Our restoration services offer a six month warranty. Excellent references available.





Angel View serves the Salt Lake City, Utah market and surrounding areas. Their staff are trained and licensed in commercial and residential window cleaning and power washing and have the knowledge to properly clean your windows and other property using the industry’s highest safety standards and best practices available.


"I have several commercial buildings I clean and maintain in the Salt Lake City area and I use Angel View for all my window cleaning and glass restoration needs. They are dependable and very flexible working around my deadline.”

Michael Robinson, Owner
First Choice Cleaning
Sandy, Utah


"We find Angel View easy to work with. They’re also honest, reliable, and their prices are very reasonable. They clean my commercial building and several residential homes in my area, including my own home.”

Jessica Wilkins, Owner
Wilkins & Associates Insurance Agency, Murray, Utah

"We use Angel View for many reasons. They have the equipment and capability to clean our high-rise hotel and casino, and their quality and service have been excellent.”

Joe Williams, Director of Maintenance
Peppermill Hotel and Casino
Wendover, Nevada