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Safety Overview

Every Job Starts with Safety and Top-of-the-Line Cleaning Equipment

High Visibility Warning Signs

  • Angel View follows OSHA standards for fall protection.

Angel View uses “Men Working Above” signs, attached to bright yellow poly chains to protect passersby and property from any possible falling objects. These double-sided signs set up easily and ensures that both our glass cleaning professionals and our clients are protected.

High-rise Chair

  • Our chairs come with hooks for tools and buckets, padding and safety belts.

This 4-point suspensions chair is constructed of weather proof one-inch laminated plywood and provides a 12” x 24” suspended work platform. The chair is designed for use with a full body harness and is equipped with a waist belt, bucket clips, and a tool holder.


  • Angel View’s full body harnesses exceed partial body harnesses in safety and functionality.

Their full body harnesses provide excellent balance between comfort when hanging and freedom of movement. The harness features wide, semi-rigid waist belts, as well as sternum and dorsal attachment points, to connect to a fall arrest system that ensures that the user is suspended in the correct position in the unlikely event of a fall.

KM III Static Kernmantle Rope

  • KM III is designed to meet the rigorous requirements associated with rescue and rappelling operations.

This continuous lament polyester-core braid over a nylon core, has a tensile strength of 8,200lbs. Used for descenders and rope grabs, Static Kernmantle Rope offers improved abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance. It is flexible and durable enough for use with many devices and is easy to knot.

MIO Portable Roof Rig

  • All MIO roof riggers incorporate a triangular design for strength and stability.

The complete line of MIO roof rigs consist of a three-dimensional triangular configuration, which allows the entire rig to support the load. All stress points of the roof rig are trussed and welded for extra strength and support. The lower stabilization means can be easily disengaged and reattached in seconds to move the rig. All MIO portable roof rigs meet the requirements of the ANSI/IWCA I14

The Tucker Pole System

  • Original and dependable, the Tucker Pole System is a standard in the window cleaning industry.

The Tucker Pole System is designed to connect to a standard garden hose and allows for a variety of water and/or detergent combinations for cleaning and rinsing. The System can be used up to 45 feet as a one-person operation, and can extend to 83 feet for 2-3 people. Angel View adds deionized water to this system to assure a spotless job every time.


  • Auto-locking stainless steel carabiners.

Angel View uses heavy-duty aluminum carabiners that lock and have a rated breaking strength of 6,000 lbs. for optimum safety.


“Their quality is outstanding! Angel View is also very reliable and prompt in completing the job. That’s why we have been using their services for the past six years.”

Evan Grimsdel

Chief Engineer, Nugget Hotel and Casino Wendover, Nevada